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Receivables widget for Kommo

Control your receivables in each deal viaKommo.
This widget can:
-control outstanding balance of the deal
-add payment methods (cash payments, acquiring, current account, or bank transfer)
-automatically register each stage of payment (date, amount, method)

Set automatic tasks for each stage in Digital Pipeline so that you won’t miss any deal with debt. the Receivables widget supports all currencies preinstalled in Kommo.

1)Indicate date, amount and type of payment when adding a payment
2)The widget will automatically calculate the outstanding balance.
3)All changes will be saved in the deal card.

Install this widget for a free 7-day-trial from Integrations sections at Kommo:

1.Go to Kommo
2.Settings → Integrations
3.Type Receivables in search bar
4.Choose a widget
5.Fill in a form and click Free 7-Day Trial button

The free 7-day trial period for your account will start automatically.

Widget cost: 199$ /year