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Distribution of deals

This widget automatically distributes the deals to managers, even with a large flow of requests. Employee schedule and triggers settings in Digital Pipeline allow you to adapt the widget to the work of any sales department.

Widget features:
  • Easy to adjust with Digital Pipeline standard triggers
  • Successive distribution of deals among the employees
  • Adjustment of working schedule for the employees to the exact minutes
  • Checking the person responsible for the lead and the allocation of the deal to this employee in the first place
  • Changing the person in charge in the linked entities only for the selected employees
  • Repeated distribution of the deal in case there were no changes in it during the selected period
  • Setting up an employee on duty in case no one has taken the deal after it passed all managers
  • Recording the off hours. If the request is created after the end of working hours, the allocation takes into account the next day according to the configured schedule.
  • The widget works even with a large flow of requests - 100% distribution result for 1000 requests

How to use:
1. Go to Settings → Distribution of Deals → Work schedule
2. Fill in the working schedule for the employees and click Save button
3. Go to funnel settings and click a free stage area in which you want to adjust the distribution and allocation of deals
4. Set the triggers and choose the employees to whom the deals will be distributed at this stage.
5. In the Distribution Settings field, indicate the rules under which the responsible person will be chosen, in case that the lead has been created for a different employee «
6. Select the users that have to be taken into account when a responsible for the lead/company is being changed
7. Indicate time after which new distribution of deals must be made in case that the lead status has not been changed
8. Set the responsible person in charge on duty to allocate the deal, e. g. a department head or an administrator, once the repeated distribution has passed through all users.

Install this widget for a free 7-day-trial from Integrations sections at Kommo:

1.Go to Kommo
2.Settings → Integrations
3.Type Distribution of deals in search bar
4.Choose a widget
5.Fill in a form and click Free 7-Day Trial button

The free 7-day trial period for your account will start automatically.

Widget cost: 199$ /year