Find Duplicates

Find Duplicates widget for amoCRM

Widget description:
The Find Duplicates widget allows you to find matches of contacts by phone number and merge them in the usual amoCRM interface. If you merged contacts by mistake, you can cancel the action using the standard amoCRM function in the merged contact.

How to use the widget:
1. Go to Contacts list
2. Click the amgroup Find Duplicates button in the menu where the standard amoCRM search function button is located
3. Adjust the merging rules in the regular amoCRM interface.
4. You can cancel the operation by means of a standard amoCRM function from the merged contact card.

Install this widget for a free 7-day-trial from Integrations sections at amoCRM:

1.Go to amoCRM
2.Settings → Integrations
3.Type Find Duplicates in search bar
4.Choose a widget
5.Fill in a form and click Free 7-Day Trial button

The free 7-day trial period for your account will start automatically.

Widget cost: 199$ /year