Work with orders in MoySklad directly from an Kommo lead

Now creating an order, adding products, discounts, payment links and processing returns is available from Kommo in a few clicks.

We have created a handy widget to speed up the work of your managers.

Try the integration right now!

Integration options
Create orders from a lead in Kommo
Add products from the catalog using the search or from categories
Work with goods from the deal in Kommo
The widget is paid for each Kommo user. When adding new Kommo users, you must make payment within the existing widget license.

Installation and setup for free.
up to 5 users
If you pay for 6 months
For 1 use/month
$60 per user for 6 months
up to 5 users
If you pay for 10 months
For 1 use/month
If you pay for a year, you get 2 months free
99$ for 1 user per year
from 6 users
Calculated individually
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